Thank You

Neurosurgery Team


The first Thank You goes out to Dr. Victor Yang, Dr. Farhad Pirouzmand, and the entire staff on the 5th floor neurosurgery recovery unit. The care James received was superb, tending to all his needs, all while displaying genuine empathy.  

Although patients may not always be in the brightest of spirits, the Sunnybrook staff would always ensure to bring forth their best attitude. Often times this would rub off on the patients, brightening their day.

Oncology Team at the Odette Cancer Centre


    Our most sincere gratitude goes out to Dr. Arjun Sahgal, Dr. James Perry, and the entire oncology team for their support and efforts to make this difficult journey as comforting as possible. We would also like to thank the administrative staff for accommodating us and scheduling our treatments accordingly. Recognition also needs to be separately given to the support staff,  who go above and beyond to ensure the patient is always doing well, and has everything they need.

To Sunnybrook Hospital


 2075 Bayview Avenue, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, a hospital committed to putting smiles on people’s faces and changing lives day in, day out. From the emergency department, to the Odette Cancer Centre, every member of Sunnybrook’s staff has been an absolute pleasure to interact with, showing compassion every step of the way. We would like to sincerely thank you. Words cannot describe our appreciation for you.